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QU's response to racism

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by Lindsay Pytel

A discussion will be held on Oct. 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. to inform students and faculty of actions that will be taken in response to answers from a campus climate survey focusing on inclusion and racism on campus.

The conversation will be held in the Mount Carmel Auditorium and is set to inform everyone the ways in which the university can improve.

Racism is an ongoing issue on college campuses across the nation. This conversation comes after events like Charlottesville and the influx of blackface reports that happened in 2016. One incident even happened at Quinnipiac when a female student posted a Snapchat with a black face mask on with a caption reading "Black lives matter." 

Executive Vice President and Provost Mark Thompson encourages the entire Quinnipiac community to attend in an email sent out to the university on Sept. 26.  


Connecticut prepares for Puerto Rican students to arrive at its schools

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by Michael Brennan

Connecticut school districts are waiting for an influx of Puerto Rican students in the wake of Hurricane Maria. New Haven mayor Toni Harp is fully supportive of integrating these children into their public school system, according to WTNH.

“We’ve already seen an influx because of the unfortunate economic conditions in Puerto Rico have lead to a lot of people to come over and live here in New Haven and our state… they are welcome in New Haven,” Harp said.

Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy thinks that the damage to Puerto Rico is so severe that it is inevitable for students to come to Connecticut and other states in the northeast, according to FOX 61.

“I think Massachusetts will, I think New York will, I think New Jersey will, I think Pennsylvania will; I said that to leaders last week,” Malloy said.


Ready, set, open Starbucks!

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by Lindsay Pytel

With the commencement of National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, students and faculty are eager for the new Starbucks to open in the student center at Quinnipiac University’s Mount Carmel Campus.

The coffee shop is reportedly set to open Wednesday, Oct. 4, but some students have already been able to view the new facility.

Sophomore media studies student Charlotte Gardner got to take a look around the new Starbucks on Sept. 28. She says she heard some students were expecting it to be an express outlet just like Au Bon Pain, but that instead it resembles that of a full-on Starbucks store.

“It still looked super behind on the building aspect of it,” she said. “But, it has tons of outlets for kids who are studying and a lot of tables for (them) to sit at…(Also) there’s going to be separate entrance and exit lines so it will have a much better flow as opposed to Au Bon Pain and some other longs line in the cafeteria.”

Workers on Monday have been giving out tickets to students to allow them to take a look around and even taste some of the drinks they offer. Stop by to see if you can get a first look. They will be doing it on Tuesday as well for a few hours during the day.

Be sure to look out for our full coverage this week at the grand opening.

A first look inside Quinnipiac's new Starbucks                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Dorah Labatte

A first look inside Quinnipiac's new Starbucks                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Dorah Labatte

Shauna Golden