Power outage on Mount Carmel campus

By Ariana Spinogatti

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On Friday Nov. 10. a transformer exploded around 7:30 p.m. on Quinnipiac University’s Mount Carmel Campus leaving various power outages. The Outages affected three residence halls.

-Commons: freshman dorms

-Hill: sophomore apartments

-Village: sophomore townhouses

The biggest concern was how cold it would get at night in the residential halls. Officials set up different sleeping areas in the Carl Hansen Student Center and Burt Kahn Gym. If students had a friend’s house to stay at or lived close enough to campus they were advised to find a place to go to to those places for the remaining time.

Quinnipiac posted information on the MyQ website and social media pages to update students on where to sleep and how they were working towards getting power back.

Via Quinnipiac's MyQ Website

Via Quinnipiac's MyQ Website

Sophomore Rachael Pasquarose expressed disappointment in the school's plan for students affected by the power outage.

“I would say they didn’t handle it as well as they could have,” she said. “I felt like there should have been better plans in place and more resources for students who were unable to stay in their dorms instead of having to sleep in the gym.”

Pasquarose ended up traveling to New York as she couldn't be in her room in Village.

“On Friday Night I stayed in Bakke Hall because they had power,” she said. “My roommates drove to their friends houses who had power and who could fit people in their rooms. By Saturday we still didn’t have power so we ended up driving to New York since we couldn’t be in our room at all.” 



Ariana Spinogatti