Humans of Hamden: Ally Foltiny


By Shauna Golden

"We're actually doing something new this year."

Since Ally Foltiny was little, she and her family would travel to one of her aunts' houses for Thanksgiving. However, this year, the senior Quinnipiac University student and her family are slightly breaking tradition.

Now that Foltiny's cousins are in their early thirties, they will be tasked with the challenge of hosting the holiday. 

"My cousins are getting to the point where they're old enough to host, which is kind of crazy, because they're all starting their own families," Foltiny said. 

Another new factor? Foltiny will be bringing her 3-month-old puppy, Huck Finn, to the celebration. She has already received permission from her cousin to do so.

However, despite these new factors, traditions from the past will still remain a part of the family's Thanksgiving celebration.

“My entire family is still going to be there," Foltiny said. "It’s really special to see my nana, she always makes this really good cranberry sauce that’s better than the canned cranberry sauce [...] and the warmth of all of my family there, I think that’s really special.”

Foltiny shared that she and her family usually start their meal around 2 p.m. and continue eating into the evening. Every year, she looks forward to sitting around the table and listening to stories from when her parents, and even her grandparents, were young.

This year, she looks forward to celebrating old traditions, as well as starting new ones.

“Our traditions are mostly food traditions, but I’m very okay with that,” said Foltiny.

Ally Foltiny is a Human of Hamden.



Shauna Golden