Humans of Hamden: Faith Watkins

By Julius Saporito

Faith Watkins is an employee at the Modell’s sporting goods store located on Dixwell Avenue. Watkins has just started working there and has really enjoyed her time. It has only been a total of 3 weeks but she feels she is at the right place.

With the combination of her passion for sports and wanting to give back to her community, Watkins wanted to help out while things are bound to get hectic with the holiday season shopping. 

“ I like it here, I am very interested in sports and that’s why I applied for this job and this is my second job," Watkins said. "However, I also applied here to do the holiday time and also I know they needed the extra help.”

The store is seeking business and during the holiday part of the year with everyone looking to buy great gifts for each other, sports gear will always be something that is needed and Modell’s will be expecting people to walk through its doors.

“Business has been really good" Watkins said. “It’s very busy. The Hamden Plaza is a busy area so we tend to see a lot of business. Especially around the holiday time with having very good sales around the store will be expecting it to be very busy in here.”

What makes Watkins happy is seeing that people are happier getting the things they need. That is why she loves when the store has things on sale because it makes things easier for the people.

“It’s great place and we definitely look forward to seeing a lot of people for the holidays and making our customers satisfied with prices that could help them,” Watkins said.


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Julius Saporito