In case you missed it: CT budget affecting schools

By Karli Regalbuto

The Connecticut state budget passed two weeks ago and many were concerned with what the education system would look like after the budget passed. It took almost 17 weeks to pass the two-year budget, according to the CT Mirror

Years prior to this budget, a Supreme Court case mandated states implement the Education Cost-Sharing System. This system was supposed to take into consideration more than just the population of a certain area when looking at education budgets, according to the OLR Research Report. It was supposed to account for factors such as students that take public transportation, students who need more tutoring programs and students who need school supplies. The Education Cost-Sharing System was supposed to account for students needs, but it wasn’t enforced or followed.

This budget will allocate the money for education but it will also enforce the Education Cost-Sharing System. Areas that have students with more needs will receive more money.

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Karli Regalbuto