Quinnipiac announces new summer program in Warsaw

By Ryan Chichester

Quinnipiac University announced the availability of a new short summer school program in Warsaw, Poland last week. The 12-day program will run from July 9-21 at Kozminski University in Warsaw, and will include students from all around the world.


The program is called "Law and Business in the Globalizing World," according to Kozminski's academic website. It includes multiple business and law courses. There is also an official visit to three different Polish corporations, including Polsat, a commercial television station in Poland. Students are able to register for one or two courses, which will total as three credits and transfer back to Quinnipiac as a business elective.

Courses will be taught in English, and students are required to show proof of English proficiency upon submitting applications, which are due April 15. The cost of the program is 500 euros, or roughly $600. The price includes the actual program and the necessary course materials, daily lunches at the university, and social activities such as sightseeing tours and the company visits. 

Travel and housing are not included in the overall price, however the university encourages prospective students to seek room and board with Polish families near the school. According to Kozminski's website, a number of families in the area have housed students in the past for no charge. Living with a family offers an opportunity to learn and embrace the Polish culture at a greater degree.

Students with any questions regarding the program should contact Quinnipiac representative Hanna Hejmonski at the Quinnipiac Central European Institute.


Ryan ChichesterQuinnipiac