President Trump to make his first United Nations appearance Tuesday

By Owen Kingsley

President Donald Trump will attend his first United Nations meeting this Tuesday, since taking office, and many are concerned as to how he will interact with other members and what type of impression he will leave. Trump will have the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the world’s most influential politicians and diplomats, many of which will try to create a relationship with who is considered to be one of the most unusual and unconventional world leaders in recent memory.

One of the main points of interest that will be asked of Trump will be about his decisions earlier in the year to withdraw from both the international agreements of free trade and climate change. Decisions that some are worried may alienate the president from discussions and future agreements with other world leaders.

Other topics and questions for the president will range from his role on global leadership to his tensions and comments regarding North Korea to the uncertainty of what he will do about former President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.  While Trump has received much criticism over his first few months as president, both domestic and foreign, this will be his opportunity to explain and defend his choices and plans as president thus far.


Owen Kingsley