Humans of Hamden: Lauren McGrath


Photo by Karli Regalbuto

By Karli Regalbuto

Lauren McGrath is a junior journalism major at Quinnipiac University. Her minor is creative writing and she is from Long Island, New York.

Upon first glance, McGrath is on the shorter side and has fair skin. She has medium length curly blonde hair, matched with a big smile and bright blue eyes. Just from that description alone, one may have already created their own version of who they think she is. However, McGrath revealed deeper parts of her personality as she spoke.

I’m the editor of the Barnacle, which is like the satire newspaper on campus,” she said. “I really love creative writing and I want to go to into like comedy writing. That’s more ‘creative journalism,’ so I wanted to have that background.

She goes on to explain what she thinks makes her unique.

I say a lot of stuff that people don’t expect me to say,” McGrath said. “I’m like a small little blonde girl and then I think people are surprised when I curse or make crude jokes and stuff, which is like one of my favorite things to do.

When asked about the world and what has surprised her, Lauren responded candidly about her feelings on the President.

Surprised about?” she said. “‘Sad about’ is a better (term). Just basically the state of America and the world and I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being, and his supporters, which is terrible to say, but like the people that are like die-hard supporters that are like sexist, racist (and) I just can’t understand or agree with.

Connecting to some of the major stories affecting the area and the country, McGrath had a lot to say about the hurricanes as well.

Oh, it’s so sad,” she said. “And I think another thing that is really sad is that I heard a lot of people, I don’t remember which hurricane it was, it was either Irma or Harvey, it hit Cuba instead of Florida and everyone was like ‘Oh thank god it hit Cuba’ and I was like ‘there are still people in Cuba.’ Like, you should still be sad about that. It’s really terrible and I feel like Mother Nature is kind of coming back and being like ‘f**** you guys’ because we’ve made so many problems in the world.

The last topic that Lauren touched upon was the paving in Hamden. She voiced her concern about the decision to pave right around when students began moving back to campus.

Why would they wait until we came back to school?” she said. “Like, why would they not do it as soon as we left, it just didn’t make’s just f***ing they always do everything in the worst possible way. It’s good they’re paving the roads, but they just have to do it in the worst way possible, because that’s how Quinnipiac works.

This is a part of who Lauren McGrath is, a short, outspoken girl from Long Island. She is a human of Hamden and Quinnipiac.


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