Humans of Hamden: Phil Carola


Photo by Karli Regalbuto

By Karli Regalbuto

Phil Carola is one of the maintenance supervisors at Quinnipiac University. He is 75 years old with a lot of life experience.

He is short to average height with olive skin, with some noticeable wrinkles on his face and his hands. The hair on his head is grey and his smile is more of a straight line. His eyes appear slightly opened. The interview gave a little insight into his life.

When asked what he was looking forward to in life, Carola responded with a bit of humor.

What am I looking forward to?” he said. “I’m going to be 75 this summer and I plan on getting out, retiring.

Carola also made a bit of a joke about the hurricanes, Jose and Maria, that are approaching the United States.

As far as the hurricanes, I hope Jose goes out to sea, we don’t want him here,” Carola said. “Then we got Maria right behind him and right now that looks like it may hit us (too). It may not, but I think we are prepared because we do have a preparedness team here.

He switched gears and began talking more about his personal life and not so much what is happening in the world. Carola went on to talk about his work and his family.

I’m into my 23rd year,” Carola said. “(In) my first job I had...back when corporate America was getting bought out by a lot of other companies, I lost my job of 28 years. And then I was lucky enough to get in here to Quinnipiac. Started as a night custodian, worked my way up to a day custodian, worked my way to a supervisor. And that’s where I’m at right now. I’ve got a wife. I’ve got two daughters. I’ve got three granddaughters, which two of them are here right now, freshman and a junior.

This is a small look into the life of Phil Carola, the 75-year-old supervisor, father and grandfather. He is a human of Hamden and Quinnipiac.

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