Humans of Hamden: Sara Bacchiocchi


Photo by Shauna Golden

By Karli Regalbuto

Sara Bacchiocchi works at a hair salon in Wallingford and at Eli’s on Whitney in Hamden, both towns in Connecticut. She lives in Hamden up the street from Eli’s Restaurant.

She is average height and has olive skin with dark hair and eyes. Bacchiocchi has a big smile on her face. People may have prejudged her, but this conversation goes deeper into who Bacchiocchi is.

I’ve been here for about, I don’t know, six to eight months,” she said. “I grew up in Wallingford, so I just moved here. I started here, at Eli’s, in, maybe March, so right after I moved to Hamden, I got this as a second job.

Driving to work can be a pain for Bacchiocchi, but she has found a way around the paving projects.

Oh, yeah. It’s been a complete nuisance coming off the highway, especially over at Route 40,” she said. “I take the Merritt a lot so I kinda avoided all that traffic, but there’s definitely a lot of traffic at night still.

Another issue Bacchiocchi touched upon was the hurricanes. Although she was not personally affected by them, she helped in the relief effort.

I don’t know anyone off the top of my head (who has been affected),” Bacchiocchi said. “I know one person who lived in Florida but she lives closer to the south of the state so they were not affected by it at all, so that was good. I don’t know anybody in Texas. There was somebody I knew that lived on one of the islands off of Texas, but they’re okay.

She actually helped with the relief through her job at the hair salon.

We did a fundraiser and sent that money to people affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Sarah said. ”The fundraiser was in (support) of the people (from Texas) salons. (We) gave that money to help them rebuild (the ones) that were all broken down and everything so that they could get their business back.

Sarah is a young woman, who works two jobs and helped the relief effort for Harvey and Irma. She is a human of Hamden.


Shauna Golden