The clean up: How Hamden’s cleaning up the damage after Tuesday’s storm

By Shane Dennehy and Amanda Perelli

As quickly as the rain came down last week, it left– at least for most areas in Hamden. But some Quinnipiac University students and residents are still dealing with the aftermath of damage from Tuesday’s storm.

Hamden was struck with the highest amount of rainfall in Connecticut on Tuesday Sept. 25 at 8.5 inches, according to Hamden Town Engineer Mark Austin.

“That [rain was] highly, highly unusual, that much that quickly,” Austin said. “All the water came up very, very quickly but it also went away very quickly which, unlike say the Carolinas right now where they had so much water that stayed. Because it came down so fast, the systems had a very hard time trying to handle it when it initially came down.”

The town received quite a few calls on Tuesday, said Austin, and had over 60 road closures due to flooding. Hamden Police Department and Fire Department took care of the closures while the engineering department has been doing basic clean-ups around the area since.

“Our engineering department is in the process and will be over the next week or two of inspecting some of our local bridges to make sure that there weren’t any damage to those areas and receiving calls about sinkholes and other things that may have come up from the storm itself,” Austin said.

Quinnipiac students also experienced damage from the rain storm on Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Sour, a senior finance major at Quinnipiac, had to deal with two leaks in his off-campus house.

“I was on the top floor of my house and [leak] went from my room to my roommates room below me to even flooding the basement,” Sour said.

Sour had a leak through his ceiling and his window because his gutters were clogged. Sour’s landlord said he would come the next day to clean the gutters but he did not and the leak happened again the next day.

Taylor Pitts, a senior physical therapy major had to stay at a friends house because there was nowhere for her to park due to her driveway being flooded.

“I had to stay at a friends because there was nowhere for me to park my car once I got home,” Pitts said.

Pitts’ landlord spent the whole next day cleaning her basement and fixing her washer and dryer as well as her water heater and furnace.

As well as responding to drainage issues and about six phone calls for sinkholes, the department expects to see minor erosion around bridges.

“So far, so good on [the bridges], most of them seemed to fair pretty well – the ones we’ve looked at,” Austin said.

He believes there will be some minor erosion around the bridges, drainage issues and alot of sweeping and debris pick up.

“Nothing we normally don’t deal with, this is just all at once,” Austin said.

If you need to report damage you can contact Hamden Public Works at 203-287-2600, Hamden Engineering 203-287-7040, or go online to and use their online reporting program SEECLICKFIX ( where your complaint will immediately be dispatched to the department with your concern.