Family weekend activities and insights

By Max Slomiak

Every year, the Student Programing Board (SPB) hosts Family Weekend. The weekend provides parents of Quinnipiac students an opportunity to visit their children and all of the resources Quinnipiac has available.

Hand made boxes at farmers market

Hand made boxes at farmers market

The Mount Carmel campus comes to life as families begin to arrive on Friday. Events on campus are held to spark conversation and interaction, such as the Quinnipiac Sustainability Farmers Market or sporting events.

It gives student’s a chance to see their families who have a major influence on their college success.

“Family plays a big role in my college success. They push and encourage me to be the best that I can.  Family will always be important to me”, said Ryan Ditcham a junior.”

On Friday parent’s had the opportunity of going to the student performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream or they could head to the auditorium and take part in Night on the Boardwalk where students and their families can play games and eat food.

Families gathered at farmers market

Families gathered at farmers market

On Saturday is when the parents get to tour the entire campus.  They get a full tour of the learning commons and have the opportunity to go into a classroom and hear from professors about the teaching style of Quinnipiac and what the students are learning in their classes.  

There's also a market held in the Burt Khan gym where local businesses set up tables for the families to shop.  Saturday night is headlined by the Rocktopia performance. Which is a performance that puts together all generations of music for an experience that both parents and students can equally enjoy.

Family Weekend is also a great time for all friends and families to get together.  College can change a family dynamic since a child is no longer living at home in most cases.  So there is no longer the constant connection of seeing each other everyday.

Inge Ameer who has two children in college. One at Quinnipiac and one at Bay Path University. Talks about the changes that occur when your children go off to college.

“Some of the connections are weaker, like knowing what is going on in their day to day lives - their favorite hangouts, restaurants, etc.  But some of the connections are stronger like talking about adult matters like their future and the coming choices they will have to make”

It also gives parents a chance to see their kids blossom and become independent.

Inge said, “When they leave for college, they are still young, just out of high school.  But you watch them mature, make some mistakes and have some successes. You watch them fully move into adulthood and your relationship with them changes.

Family also plays a huge role in a college students as the relationship changes between a student and their family since they’re maturing and making decisions on their own.

“My relationship has changed for the good they trust me to make the right decisions and they’re more open about talking to me about family business”, said John Hughes.

One thing that every college student has to deal with is not having that support of your family all the time

Robert Weinfeld uses the Family weekend to visit his parents in Massachusetts.

“Since I’ve been in college my family still plays a major role in my life, but I’m not as close with them since I’m away and don’t get to talk often ”, said Weinfield a junior.

Family will continue to play a major role in students life even after college.  Even if the relationship has some changes.

Sign Welcoming parents to the York Hill Campus

Sign Welcoming parents to the York Hill Campus

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