Popularity of rugby: Why is it not translating to Hamden, Connecticut?

By Scott De Bell

Rugby is gaining attention all over the United States at a rapid rate. However, that is not trickling over to the Hamden area and Quinnipiac student body. The Quinnipiac women’s rugby team is working towards a fourth-straight national championship. New Blue Rugby is a club team for males at Quinnipiac and they have a rich history as well.

In this podcast, people who are rich in the game of rugby at Quinnipiac talk about the popularity of the game here at Quinnipiac and how we can grow it here in Hamden, Connecticut.

Voices of the Podcast


Ross Lager

Senior. Member of New Blue Rugby.


Rich Hanley

Professor of Journalism at Quinnipiac University.


Allison Koenig

Freshman. Quinnipiac Women’s Rugby.

Photo Courtesy of Quinnipiac Athletics


Ben Mahon

Junior. Captain of New Blue Rugby.


Becky Carlson

Head Coach of Women’s Rugby at Quinnipiac University.

Photo Courtesy of Quinnipiac Athletics


Emily Roskopf

Senior, Captain of Quinnipiac Women’s Rugby.

Photo Courtesy of Quinnipiac Athletics