Halloween: Quinnipiac University raises awareness about cultural appropriation

By Scott De Bell and Ana Grosso

Throughout the Halloween season in Hamden, children, parents and university students celebrate in many different ways. Between trick or treating and the infamous Halloweekend, people in Hamden spend their holiday dressing up in all sorts of costumes.

From sports jerseys to fake blood, there is wide variety of options for students deciding what to wear.

However, Quinnipiac University considers some costumes inappropriate, especially those that could appear racially or culturally insensitive.

Leading up to the holiday, university officials put up posters around campus to inform students about the specific types of costumes to avoid. In addition, the university sent an email to every student.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.42.34 PM.png

HQ Press journalists went live on Facebook to find out what the student body thought about the issue. Click the link to hear what they had to say.


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