Quinnipiac’s first ever pub night

By Charlene Torres & Sarah Foley

The line was out the door on Thursday night for Quinnipiac's first ever Pub Night on campus. The senior class cabinet hosted the event on York Hill’s Rocky Top to initiate building a pub on campus for students 21 years or older. Senior Vice President Allison Kuhn said that she has been working on this proposal since January.

“We planned this Pub Night in September. It was originally only going to be beer and a two drink limit, but we wanted to have the effect of a real pub so we added wine and mixed drinks,” Kuhn said.

SGA hosted the event in the Rocky Top Den with a line leading almost past the cafeteria.


Students said they were excited to come out and see what SGA could put together. They came for the drinks, games and free food. SGA handed out refillable plastic cups that said “Pub Night” to the first 100 students who arrived. Beers were $4, wine was $5, mixed drinks were $6 and drinks on the rocks were $7. There was no tipping allowed for the bartenders.


SGA decided to cap the event at 300 people, because of limited space in the Rocky Top Den. Students recommended finding a larger space to make it easier to dance.

“I think the event is pretty successful so far,” senior Caroline Accardi said. “I just wish there was more room to move and a shorter line for the bar. I saw the line and decided to just not get a drink.”

Others came to see if the event would go smoothly.


“I came to see how tonight would go and if SGA would do a good job and if it got out of control. So far I’m having a great time,” senior Maggie Sweeney said.

To make sure this event didn’t get out of control, SGA invited public safety officers and police officers, and patrolled the event themselves.

“We are trying to prove to administration that students not only want a pub, but are also responsible enough to have one,” Kuhn said.

Schools such as UConn and Fairfield University have campus bars for students to drink responsibly. If it follows certain protocols it is possible that Quinnipiac will be able to have a bar on campus too.

“On campus bars are just a guaranteed great time. You don’t have to worry about the bar getting shut down and you’re safe. I can literally walk down the street to my dorm whenever I’m done for the night,” said Anynha Phelmetto, a junior at UConn.

Huskies Restaurant and Bar is an on-campus bar at UConn that hosts college students all week long. Many students spend their weekends there, including weeknights for a quick bite.

“We’ve been the preferred bar on campus for more than 20 years and have more space and better specials than any other bars in the area,” general manager, Kevin Lavallee said. There are a few other bars on campus like TEDS and Grille 86, but UConn students prefer Huskies.

“If you are looking for an upbeat vibe and all around good time, Huskies is the place to be, especially after a stressful day full of classes”, Tyvonna Bradley, a senior at UConn, said.

Many students from around Connecticut want on-campus bars because of its benefits. These bars keeps students safe, and students are more inclined to spend their time on campus on the weekends.

“Our goal is to keep our students safe. We always have Public Safety officers patrolling the area and on guard. I think students would rather come here than wander the different areas of Fairfield, especially when students aren’t from around here,” said Todd A. Pelazza, Director of Public Safety at Fairfield.

Similar to UConn, The Levee is Fairfield University’s on-campus sports bar that is located across the main entrance of the student center. This bar hosts many events like concerts, dances, comedy shows, etc. that provide a variety of gatherings for students.

Catherine Ruiz is a senior at Fairfield University and enjoys going to the bar on campus.

“I think more schools should invest in on-campus bars. Students don’t want to spend money on ubers and always watching over their shoulders late at night. I want to be in a safe place that will bring more students together,” Ruiz said.

Like many schools, Quinnipiac's first ever Pub Night on campus could be a fresh start to safe drinking and partying for students. The night was short, but many students came out to support in hopes of this on campus bar becoming permanent.

“I hope the university appreciates the turn out and really makes this a thing for students. I’d love to see what it could become before I graduate in May, “ Stephanie Martinez, senior at Quinnipiac, said.

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