Logan comes out victorious in 17th district election

By Scott De Bell and Nora Scally

Election day came and went for the United States of America, but for George Logan and Jorge Cabrera, Nov. 6 was just the beginning of what would be a roller coaster of a race.

The two candidates were running for the seat in the state Senate for the 17th District of Connecticut. The 17th district consists of parts or all of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge.

After the initial count on the night of Nov. 6, the Democratic challenger Cabrera won the election by 176 votes. However, that changed the next day. A voting machine failed in Ansonia and unofficial results reported that Logan was now the winner of the race by 65 votes.

This lead to many questions being raised about the transparency of the results and where these votes for Logan came from all of a sudden.

In the process of figuring out the official results, Cabrera held a rally in Ansonia. HQ Press’ Ryan Ansel attended that rally. Click here for his story.

After the dust had settled, the official results proclaimed Logan the winner of the 17th District state Senate seat.

On George Logan’s Facebook page, he released this statement:

“Gratitude. That's what I feel today. Every vote has been counted. I had a dedicated team, and I thank them and the voters. I love serving all the people of the 17th District. I will continue to work hard to help improve the quality of life for people in our state. I pride myself on providing excellent constituent service to the residents I represent. I will continue to be a voice of fiscal responsibility in Hartford and I will continue advocating for Connecticut taxpayers. This is an honor and a privilege that I will never take for granted."

This election is even more significant for the Republican Party as a whole. With Logan’s victory the Democrats lost the chance to have veto power. The Republicans and Democrats each hold 18 seats in the state Senate.

HQ Press had an opportunity to sit down with Jorge Cabrera following his loss in the election. In the interview Cabrera discusses his perspective and why the results ended up favoring his opponent, George Logan. Despite the 77 vote loss, Cabrera is optimistic for the future.

Watch the full interview below:

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