Podcast: The view on how immigration is handled in the U.S.

By Randy Del Valle

America is divided by many issues from income inequality to gun control but one issue more than some others strikes at the core of the nation's history and beliefs: should illegal immigrants be deported? Deportation has affected families, most notably parents and their children from being separated.

Numbers gathered and provided from the federal Department of Homeland Security showed that the U.S., government actually deported fewer immigrants in 2017 under president Donald J. Trump than it did under former president Barack Obama in 2016.

Although, the figures showed a decline in deportation, under the Trump administration in 2017 there were more arrests of those with no criminal histories.

Kica Matos, director of immigrant rights and racial justice at the Center for Community Change talked about the issue in an article back in April 2018 saying that, “It appears that ICE in the Trump Administration is focused on anyone they can find easily and not people who represent any sort of risk. And the number of deportations looks like it’s only set to grow.”

Hear from people who are close to the situation, currently dealing with the issue, the reason why people don’t want illegal immigrants in the country and if the deportation of illegal immigrants is going to get better or worse in the future.