A petition for peace

By Ana Grosso and Paige Meyer

The longstanding unrest between Quinnipiac students and the town of Hamden culminated into a written petition on change.org.

“It is part of growing up. Maybe because Hamden is such a small city and wants to remain small, residents may be less tolerant of the youthful behavior which is going on here no matter if we like it or not,” said Akanji Bola, a resident of Hamden.

Three weeks ago, Tony Pereira of Hamden wrote the petition that demands Mayor Curt Leng create reasonable regulations for student housing in residential neighborhoods. Although Pereira’s first motivation is a better quality of life for Hamden residents who are affected by student housing, his secondary motive is protecting taxpayers.

“Students are a little rowdy to say the least,” Hamden native John Wilonski said.

“They are loud with parties and all that crap. Most of them park all over their lawns and could care less.”

Pereira seeks 500 signatures on the petition, which details Hamden residents’ struggles and gripes over the ever changing climate in residential neighborhoods. Some changes that Pereira suggests include limiting housing permits and student housing locations and enforcing stricter rules with student residents in terms of speed limit, house parties, vandalization and pollution.

“Absolutely, no question about it, beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Wilonski said, when asked if student housing is devaluing hamden.

Pereira also asks that house owners regulate parking and provide sufficient and legitimate parking spots for students because street parking is obstructive and unsightly.

289 people have signed the petition as of Thursday, Dec. 6.

“College is the first time they are out of the home. Students are trying to experience college life and experience life in full. I do not have an experience but I have heard it been said around town in many cases,” Bola said.

Pereira ended the petition by writing, “Student rental housing should supplement the high tax bourdon [sp] on residents with diminished quality of life as a result of student neighbors.”

In the comments section of the listed petition, some residents detailed exactly why they signed this petition.

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