Quinnipiac University fires women’s volleyball coaching staff

By Aaron Robinson and Charlene Torres

Quinnipiac University fired its women’s volleyball head coach Kris Czaplinski and assistant coach Chad Davis for a “lack of performance,” according to a report by Q30 TV.


Czaplinski coached at Quinnipiac for seven seasons and ends his tenure with a 52-164 record. This includes an 31-79 MAAC record.


The university hired Czaplinski in 2013 and won 10 games throughout his first three full seasons at the helm. This includes a season in 2014 where they won two games and one of which came during MAAC play. The team lost 20 games in a row to end that season, including one in which they won a total of nine sets during conference play.


The 2015 season was much of the same. The team won three games on the year, and again, one in MAAC play.

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In 2016, Quinnipiac increased funding for the volleyball program and added an assistant coaching position. Chad Davis joined the staff that season. He had previously coached in Gainesville, Fla. for more than 20 years.


During his time at Gainesville High, Davis was involved in a three-year investigation into sexual harassment allegations. Eventually, the Florida Department of Education dropped the case and cleared Davis’ name.


Davis’s first season in 2016 was one to remember for Quinnipiac. The Bobcats went 21-13 and 11-7 during MAAC play and earned the third seed in the MAAC tournament. The Bobcats went all the way to the MAAC Championship game where they were met by the top-seeded Fairfield Stags, falling three sets to none. This season marked the most successful in program history for the Bobcats, according to Quinnipiac records.


After this season however, the team regressed in 2017. The team  finished with a 10-22 record, going 9-9 in the MAAC, and lost in the first round of the tournament.


The 2018 season was more of the same for the Bobcats as Czaplinski’s squad went 9-21 overall and was 7-11 in the MAAC. The team did win a game in the MAAC tournament, but eventually fell three sets to none to Fairfield in the quarterfinals of the tournament.


Four days later, the university notified Davis and Czaplinski that their contracts would not be renewed for the next season, effectively ending their tenure as coaches.


Several former players commented on the news on social media.


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Quinnipiac is currently searching for a new coaching staff.

HQ Press reached out to Quinnipiac athletic department staff but the associate athletic director declined to comment.

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