May weekend brings excitement to Quinnipiac students

By Joe DeRosa

With the final days of April approaching, Quinnipiac University faculty and students are preparing for another year of campus tradition -- May Weekend.

“I think it’s a fantastic experience and it brings everyone together,” Andrew Zukowski, a senior finance major, said.

May Weekend, which runs April 26-29, is an unofficial campus-wide event where students engage in celebrations on Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses.

Many Quinnipiac students plan to remain on both of the campuses, but are a variety of events taking place around Hamden that many Bobcats will attend.

Many students are thrilled for the weekend to get started.

“It’s a time where everyone gets time together and it builds a student bond, which I feel like we don’t have,” Zukowski said .

However, with the weekend being so close to finals week, some students are holding themselves out.

“I’m studying all weekend,” Dan Pardo, a junior health science major, said.

Pardo expressed his disagreement with the timing of the weekend, claiming that it’s more inconvenient to students than fun.

“It’s an awesome experience, but my only problem is that it’s right before finals,” Pardo said. “I think it’d be awesome if they pushed it back a weekend.”

While the student body prepares for the weekend, so too is Quinnipiac’s Department of Public Safety.

With the imminent presence of drugs and alcohol, Public Safety plans to step up security all around both Mount Carmel -- a dry campus -- and York Hill.

Some of the department’s plans include placing more officers at the entrances of both campuses, car and bag checks at the main entrances and patrols around the outside and dorming areas.

The Hamden Police Department will also be on high alert for the upcoming weekend.

With the expectation of many gatherings taking place at houses around the town, police will patrol streets with Quinnipiac-owned housing to shut down any potentially large gatherings.