Student government grievances halt executive board election announcements

By Thamar Bailey

The Quinnipiac University Student Government Association executive board election announcements came to a halt Wednesday night when SGA announced that the executive board results were under review.

Graphic by Thamar Bailey

Graphic by Thamar Bailey

SGA Vice President for Public Relations Victoria Johnson announced the winners of each class’s respective president, vice president and representatives. However, she failed to announce the executive president, vice president,  and vice president of Finance.

There were multiple grievances that were filed, but Johnson said the organization would not be releasing any more details until the appeals are filed and “properly dealt with.”

Based on the grievances forms found on the SGA Do You QU site, a grievance is a formal complaint based on a violation personally witnessed during the course of campaigning in accordance with section four of the SGA election policy.

According to the policy, a grievance could include: campaigning outside of permitted areas, executive board candidates spending more than $250 on their campaign, accepting donations and defacing or destroying campaign materials by another candidate or his or her supporters.

It’s unclear who filed the grievances, though Johnson said they can be anonymous.

Johnson did not specify when the executive positions will be announced.