SGA announces executive board results after grievance investigation

By Thamar Bailey

The Quinnipiac University Student Government Association announced the complete 2018-2019 executive board Monday, four days after initially announcing grievances were filed resulting in an investigation that halted the announcement of the SGA president, vice president and vice president of finance.

In an email addressed to the Quinnipiac community, SGA Vice President for Public Relations Victoria Johnson said the grievances filed on election day were based on allegations of potential voter influence. In the consequent investigation SGA found the grievances unjustified.

“The combination of the grievance process, appeal proceedings, and an in-depth investigation of actual votes cast has now allowed the Election Committee to verify mathematically, without question, that the outcome of each position under review could not have been impacted by any potential influence,” Johnson said.

It’s still unclear who filed the grievances, though Johnson said the grievances can be filed anonymously.

The recently announced executive board positions are as follows:

President: Ryan Hicks

Vice President: Luke Ahearn

VP of Finance: John Khillah