Let's get physical: A first hand look at the fitness program at Quinnipiac

By Joe DeRosa

Many people will look to the gym, or even at-home workouts to try and get healthier. However, it’s important that people know the different types of fitness classes they can also take to get fitter for the summer time. Some of these classes are readily available on college campuses and Quinnipiac is no exception.

Over the course of the past week, I have participated in three different fitness classes available at Quinnipiac to show how they can positively affect your health.

My first class was a meditation class taught by Taryn Nelson, a junior at Quinnipiac. In this class, we lied down on mats and listened to a 10 minute recording of an instructor giving breathing exercises.

After 15 minutes, I was feeling extremely relaxed. The deep breathing exercises that I was performing had calmed me down greatly and had made me feel a lot more balanced for the rest of the day.

Next up was the spinning class. For this session, we all sat on exercise bikes which had built-in resistance knobs. For certain exercises, we had to adjust these knobs to increase the resistance we faced on the bike. We also spent a lot of time alternating between sitting and standing on these bikes, which was an extremely fun workout to follow.

My original plan for a third course was Zumba, but due to an underestimation of how sore my legs would be following spinning, I made the decision to sit that one out.

Last but certainly not least, I attended a Bootcamp session instructed by Erin Haft. Bootcamp is an hour-long class which incorporates body-weight exercises in short, intense intervals. Unfortunately, I was the only one in attendance, making the session much shorter. However, Haft still made sure that I was still able to walk away feeling accomplished.


After getting to experience all of these classes, it is evident that the fitness program at Quinnipiac is fine-tuned to make sure that the students achieve fulfilling workouts. Tami Reilly, the director of fitness classes at Quinnipiac, speaks highly of the classes that she oversees.

“There’s always room to improve,” said Reilly. “We’re always looking to bring new programs to campus, or just getting students certified and experienced.”

Reilly hopes that the fitness programs at Quinnipiac can continue to flourish, and that all new additions to the program continue to encourage a welcoming environment.

“My greater goal, if I had to pick one, is to get more (students) to continue to teach when they leave here.”

After experiencing these classes firsthand, I have learned how beneficial fitness classes can be for one’s health. I’ve also found the environments that I was in to be extremely welcoming. Reilly agrees that this is the goal, and has advice for the student that may be intimidated by partaking in these classes.

“Don’t be nervous,” Reilly said. “There’s no such thing as a bad student in our classes and everybody has to give it a shot. You don’t really know what you love until you try it.”

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