Fall Fest 2019: QUad edition

This year’s Fall Fest has gotten a makeover!

Quinnipiac’s student planning board and radio station, WQAQ, have teamed up to plan this year's Fall Fest. The annual concert will be held on the Quad on Oct. 12. The vendors will start at 12 p.m. and the performances will start at 1p.m.. 


As always, the event will be free of charge for anyone who wants to attend. The headliner for the concert is country singer, Cale Dodds. Dodds is most known for his singles “Take You Back” and “What We Gonna Do About It,” which he released in 2018. The Sulls, a two-brother rock band from Connecticut will also take the stage at this years Fall Fest.Last but not least, the cover band Those Guys will be performing. 

WQAQ announced on Instagram that the annual concert will be undergoing some major changes. One of the most notable changes is the location of the event. The concert has always been held in South Lot but this year has moved to the Quad. 

There will be free food trucks during the event and an additional station where students can make their own candy apples, plus a donut wall. Another fun addition to Fall Fest is the mechanical pumpkin (Yes. Pumpkin, not bull) that students can ride. 

SPB and WQAQ have made many changes in an effort to bring something special to this year’s Fall Fest. With annual concert ready to kick off the fall season, the new changes could be a refreshing twist to a Quinnipiac tradition.