Acrop is the Cream of the Crop

Sean Patten

HAMDEN- The crown of all breakfast establishments in Hamden, at least according to Quinnipiac students.

Many refer to it as Acrop, but Acropolis deserves respect on its name as it is family orientated and student loved. The restaurant has been family owned for nearly 45 years.

The restaurant has been in the Gioulos name, like Paula, the new co-owner of the diner, used to watch her father work around the restaurant, interact with customers, and serve people. The Paul Gioulos took over the restaurant in 2006 with her sister in law Christina.

The owners tell of how much they adore Quinnipiac students; the students are usually the only ones who venture into the restaurant after hours. The promotion the students love if a Quinnipiac student I.D. card is shown there is a 15% discount.

Matt Halpin's student at Quinnipiac University said, “The employees are awesome, it’s a very friendly environment. Many late nights have ended there; many mornings have started there. You do your college thing, and you end up at Acrop end up having a great time and having some great food.”

The Gioulos sisters hope their beloved diner stays in their family forever. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day as the students love the owners, and they're fine establishment.  The news around Quinnipiac is that the co-owners son plans to take over the family business as soon as their parents retire.

To the delight of Hamden residents and students, it seems as if Acropolis diner is here to stay.


QNNSean Patten