Quinnipiac University will close WQUN radio station

Quinnipiac University is set to close the school’s Greater New Haven community radio station, WQUN, later this year.


The announcement was made on January 11 in an email sent to staff, faculty, and students. This closing, among others in the Hamden community, is all part of a strategic plan set by the university’s president, Judy Olian.

Many people in the Hamden community have not taken the news of this closing very well.

Dan Bahl, a student employee at the radio station is experiencing the impact of this plan.

“It’s a shame,” said Bahl. “Having to see multiple people who work as radio professionals losing their jobs and the Hamden community losing their radio station is tough to see. I’m disappointed by it.”

The radio station, as well as closing Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum on Whitney Ave, are just two of the plans President Judy Olian has in place.

Olian said in the email, “We are in the midst of a comprehensive and inclusive strategic planning process to determine where additional investments or reallocated resources are needed – in people, programs and facilities. This includes Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum.”

There is no further information at this time about the closing of Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum. 

WQUN will stop its broadcasting on June 30, 2019.

Kayla HeveyQNN