High school seniors gear up for life at Quinnipiac

By Emma Spagnuolo

As National College Decision day quickly approaches, high school seniors are scrambling to make the big decision: where they are going to spend their next four years.

Last week, Quinnipiac University hosted many admissions events, including the Communications Preview Day, to give prospective students a taste of what life is like here.

One prospective student, Dylan Wojdyla, from Byram, New Jersey, was most excited to get a look at student life on campus.

“I was able to see people in classrooms and people casually hang out with other people in their major,” said Wojdyla, “It just looked like a good atmosphere.”

Many faculty members and students in the Quinnipiac School of Communications worked to put this day together, including Kirby Paulson, who is a student and the co-founder and coordinator of the School of Communications Peer Mentoring Program. He explained why the university holds value in these admissions events.

“What kids really want to hear from is students that have done it before,” said Paulson, “Parents want to hear that these students are having a positive experience.”

Emma Robertson and Dan Bahl showcase all that the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network has to offer to future students.

Emma Robertson and Dan Bahl showcase all that the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network has to offer to future students.

Prospective students were given the opportunity to tour the School of Communications, the student media suite and WQAQ, the student-run radio station. They were also able to meet and talk with current student media leaders to get their questions answered about all that Quinnipiac has to offer.

Paulson expressed the importance of taking into consideration the entire student experience before high school seniors make their final decisions.

“The value of your degree is beyond what your GPA [is,]” said Paulson, “It’s the extracurriculars that you have, it’s the experiences and the skills that you’re able to gain and everything that you’re able to bring in as a whole. By getting to know some of these leaders, you can almost see your future a little bit.”

Although Wojdyla hasn’t made his official decision yet, he is still excited about the possibility of becoming a future Bobcat.

“I’ve always been excited to come to college, but seeing this college, I like the atmosphere and I’d be excited to come here.” said Wojdyla.

QNNEmma Spagnuolo