Hamden native wins Oscar at Academy Awards

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Two people with ties to Connecticut have won an Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards.

Hamden native Anthony Rossomando took home an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Shallow.” He co-wrote the song with Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.

Receiving this Oscar was the third award the four of them have won from the popular song from “A Star is Born.”

Rossomando was raised in Hamden and is the son of Quinnipiac University music professor, Fred Rossomando.

“I also had Anthony Rossomando’s as a professor and he was a really cool guys,” Sean Raggio, a junior at Quinnipiac University said. When talking about “Shallow” Raggio said, “I think the beauty’s in how it’s simplicity. Not saying it’s simply written. Just how you can take a simple strong structure and make something so intricate.”

This win shows students that even growing up in a small town can lead to success.

“It’s very, I should say securing, because I’m not from a big town either. I’m from a very small town in New Jersey and I go to school in Hamden which is a small town as well,” Taylor Sniffen, a film and journalism double major at Quinnipiac University, said. “You don’t have to be in LA or be in New York City to be big.”

Another Oscar winner, who happens to be a Quinnipiac University alum, is David Rabinowitz. He won Best Adapted Screenplay for Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman.”

These Oscar wins come from people who started out in similar positions as Quinnipiac University students, which sends some inspiration to the bobcat nation.

“If you want to go do something make it happen, if you have an idea pursue it,” Raggio said. “I’m sure they both had many ideas that were shot down and they got one that worked.”

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