Bobcat Challenge, a competition full of differentiated opinions

By Elisa Ruiz Martinez

It’s Bobcat Challenge week but some Quinnipiac students and student athletes are not really sure on whether this competition is the best way to raise money.

Bobcat Challenge is back and with only one day left, but do Quinnipiac student know what it is?

 Let’s take a look at what some students said.

“I do not know anything about the Bobcat Challenge. If I had to guess what it is maybe they split up the student body into different teams and had them compete in like fun games or something like that… I’m not sure,” senior Quinnipiac student Kyle Gaughan said.

I also asked senior Quinnipiac student Alessandro Woodbridge and he did not know what it was either. “No, what’s the Bobcat Challenge?” Is it something like, I don’t know, you have to act like bobcats or something, like who can act like the the bobcat, the mouse?”

Bobcat Challenge is a race between 21 Division 1 teams where they compete against each other to see which team can raise more money in only 5 days.  

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Student athletes need the support from alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and fans. However, some player’s personal reactions to this challenge were not as everyone expected

“Okay so I think it’s a bit weird, considering a lot of people are on scholarships here and we come to expect, especially international students, not to be asked for money, you are always told that athletics has a lot of money…” Division 1 Field Hockey Athlete Anna Wamlsley said.

“I actually don’t like the fact that they force us to do it because it’s a donation you shouldn’t be forced to do, and also you are paying for your own traveling and stuff…” Division 1 Golf Athlete Elena Ybarra said.

Another Division 1 Gold player, Queenie Lai also said “I think it is a good idea, but personally from an athlete standpoint, I think it may not be the most efficient way to raise funds.”

The Bobcat Challenge is over with the Women’s Field Hockey team as the winners. They had 465 donors with over $15,000 raised. They will also be receiving $3,000 as their price.

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Elisa Ruiz Martinez