Small audience to Blackbear and Bryce Vine in the Wake the Giant Concert

By Elisa Ruiz Martinez

Quinnipiac Spring Concert took place this Saturday at the Quinnipiac People’s United Center. The 3-hour concert was presented by the Student Programming Board and hosted Blackbear and Bryce Vine as the artists.

Even though SPB’s intentions to bring people into the concert were good, not too many students attended the event.

“I wasn’t really interested in Blackbear, he’s just not someone I want to see perform, and I know two of his songs and stuff like that so it just didn’t appeal to me,” Quinnipiac student Sarah Boulanger said.

“I didn’t know who they were, I was like who’s Blackbear? I’ve never heard of him…” Quinnipiac senior Tommy Yang said.

Although some of the students that went to the concert had a good time, they felt bad for the artists due the lack of audience.

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“I mean I thought it was quite sad at first to walk in and only see half of the audience and no one sitting down,” Quinnipiac student Anna Walmsley said.

Students also mentioned last year’s artist Khalid as a huge success. “When Khalid came it was completely packed, and there was a line outside the door to get in whereas this year there was no line or anything, it was just easier to get in” Walmsley said.

“I was kind of expecting more people going, apparently a lot more people went to last’s year concert Khalid, but it’s also Khalid, everyone knows who Khalid is,” Yang said.

Students like Boulanger hope that next year’s artist will be more appealing to Quinnipiac: “hopefully someone that appeals to Quinnipiac more, Blackbear is someone that was top chart once in 2017 or 16, or something like that, he hasn’t really being around since then, so hopefully someone a little more hipped up I guess.”