May weekend causing safety concerns for students


It’s that time of year again at Quinnipiac University. The weather is warmer so students are on the quad, flowers are blooming, and May Weekend was upon us.

Some of the Bobcats knew right away what they were doing to ring in this anticipated weekend. Jensen Coppa, a sophomore at Quinnipiac said, “I’m planning to go out with my friends just during the day and then probably out for my friends birthday at night.”

Although the weather was looking like rain all weekend, students weren’t going to let it rain on their parade.

“The weather isn’t going to stop me from enjoying another successful end of the year,” said Matt McAuliffe, a junior at Quinnipiac University.

May Weekend is a weekend where students can have some fun around this busy time that is the end of the semester. However, with the fun comes some safety concerns around campus too.

Students realize the issues that can occur over the weekend, and some students hoped Public Safety would also do what they can to keep the university safe.

“I think public safety should handle it by checking the QCards,” Coppa said. “Sometimes they’ll stay on Hogan Road and they’ll ask and I feel like they should do that just to be safe because there are a lot of instances where people are just walking on.”

If you ask some of the Bobcat’s they’ll say it’s just like any other weekend, but others believe students should be allowed to enjoy themselves.

“If kids are having fun and it looks like a safe environment, try not to interfere,” said McAuliffe.

May Weekend may be a stress reliever to some, but McAuliffe was looking forward to one thing for sure.

“Just enjoying the company of my friends,” said McAuliffe. “Because a lot of times it is about the company and not the location.”

May Weekend is even seen as a way to celebrate as the school year comes to a close.

“It’s a great way to get students to come together and celebrate another successful end of the year,” said McAuliffe.

QNNKayla Hevey