Quinnipiac University - Musically behind?

john franklin capstone.jpeg

From the Spring concert, to the lack of a solidified music program, Quinnipiac University is falling behind on a major part of a student’s experience in college - music. With the lack of interest in the performances of Bryce Vine and Blackbear for the annual “Wake The Giant” concert, fewer and fewer open mic nights, and the closing of the school run radio station, WQUN, due to lack of student interest, the school and it’s students seem to be disconnected on a musical level.

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In this podcast, we hear from all ends of the student spectrum, from the main stage chair of the Student Programming Board (SPB), Olivia Morgan, to the casual music listener, Paul Caracciolo. Other people we hear from include mainstay DJ at Toad’s Place, Casey Erickson, and Singer/Songwriter John Franklin, both students at Quinnipiac who reached out to SPB about opening up for the school’s spring concert. We also hear from Emma Spagnuolo, General Manager of WQAQ, the student run radio station at Quinnipiac, and how Quinnipiac wasn’t quite enough for her when it came to preparing her for her career choice after college.