Hamden Mayor Leng Aims to Extend Term in Primary

Hamden mayor Curt Balanzoleng

Hamden mayor Curt Balanzoleng

Jake Ziegler

HAMDEN – Local Hamden residents visited the polls to vote for the 2019 Democratic Primary. Mayor Curt Leng is aiming to get elected for the 3rd-straight term in office, and his opposition for the position is Lauren Garrett. 

When Leng was first elected for Hamden mayor in 2015, he set out a goal to improve the Hamden community by keeping Quinnipiac students in their place. 

A quote from Leng in 2015 read, “Quinnipiac students – for the majority – are good kids, good students, a benefit to the town.”

However, Leng believes that the problem lies with Quinnipiac students lacking compassion to treat their neighbors with courtesy. A Quinnipiac student brought up how the university’s president, Judy Olian, can assist with this particular issue. 

“So, hopefully, now that we have the new president, her and Curt Leng can foster a new relationship so that Quinnipiac can grow as a whole.”

QNNJake Ziegler