Pickney’s Size is Welcomed to Bobcat Basketball

Jake Ziegler 

HAMDEN - There’s one player on the Quinnipiac men’s basketball team that stands above all. Freshman center Seth Pickney’s height from Warminster, Pennsylvania measures at 7-feet-1 inch, the only Bobcat on the roster whose height reaches and eclipses the 7-foot mark. 

Despite his giant character, he considers himself an approachable, welcoming person.

Freshman center Seth Pickney

Freshman center Seth Pickney

“Most people think that I’m mean just because I’m tall, but I’m actually a really nice person,” Pickney said. “People think ‘Oh, he’s tall so people must ask him all the time how tall he is, so he’s always angry.’”

Pickney has an abnormal wingspan, extending up to 7-feet-8-inches. He believes that this physical characteristic can be used to his and the team’s advantage on the court.

“I think defensively, I can bring a lot to the team,” Pickney said. “I have a 7’6” – 7’8’’ wingspan, so I feel like blocking shots and my presence on defense is going to help the team a lot.”

Sophomore Guard Tyree Pickron

Sophomore Guard Tyree Pickron

Pickney will be reunited with a familiar face at from high school at Archbishop Wood Catholic, sophomore guard Tyree Pickron. Pickron and Pickney would often connect with each other in their high school days for alley-oop plays.

Pickron compared Pickney’s personality on the court versus off the court.

“He’s very different. On the court, he’s focused and determined,” Pickney said. “As a person, he’s just laid back and chill.”

If basketball never became Pickney’s top passion, both Pickney and Pickron referenced a back-up plan. Pickron chuckled and said he’d be an “average rapper.”

“I have a lot of interests in music and art and stuff like that, so it’d probably be in that field,” Pickney said.

Pickney left a message for Bobcat nation, “Stay tuned and come to watch our games.”

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