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Stranger danger?: Reforming Connecticut's sex offender registry

Our understanding of sexual violence and its perpetrators has evolved significantly in recent years, and yet sex crimes continue to be a major concern. Meanwhile, the structure and methods used by sex offender registry has remained stagnant since its inception over 25 years ago, causing many statewide to ask themselves: Is the registry today doing what it’s intended to do?

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Social media posts could come back to haunt you

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what are your pictures saying about you? Today’s generation lives revolve around social media. People posts about our friends, family, pets, adventures, food, the list is endless. However, are these social media posts causing more harm than they are good when it comes to future career opportunities?

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Midterm election voting issues: will they continue in 2020?

In the state of Connecticut citizens experienced long lines at polls, students had issues during their registration processes and election officials held recounts for several races in the days following the election. Hear the stories of the issues that happened during and after the midterm elections and what steps individuals are taking to avoid them in 2020.

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