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Midterm election voting issues: will they continue in 2020?

In the state of Connecticut citizens experienced long lines at polls, students had issues during their registration processes and election officials held recounts for several races in the days following the election. Hear the stories of the issues that happened during and after the midterm elections and what steps individuals are taking to avoid them in 2020.

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The lack of female representation in economics and how it is affecting the field

Despite the feminist movement and other social advancements, women continue to be outnumbered by men within the field of economics. This podcast attempts to investigate the reasons behind this gender imbalance by interviewing a variety of people in the field, including students, professors, and professionals.

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Black college athletes face tangible hurdles when considering protests

The fear of the unknown is a common theme among many college athletes. College athletes often have worked their entire lives to put themselves in a position where they can have security in their life post college. The fear of losing all of that in the blink of an eye, as Kaepernick and many others did, is tangible — and keeps college athletes from expressing personally-held beliefs.

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