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The struggles, triumphs of Hamden's local library system are on full display during tough economic times

The Hamden Public Library has suffered from mounting challenges over the past few years — mostly due to financial shortfalls that have been exacerbated due to budget cuts. Although the future of the library is dependent upon funding from the town and donors, librarians and town officials remain confident that the Hamden Public Library will remain an important fixture in the community.

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WQUN just weeks away from going radio silent

Quinnipiac administration announced their plan to shut down the university’s community radio station, WQUN, back in January, much to the Hamden community’s dismay. After a petition was created in an attempt to save the station, President Judy Olian defended their decision with information that appears to be contradicted by recent studies and the opinions of industry experts. Community members still carry the hope that administration will revisit and reverse their decision as time is ticking down on the station’s final broadcast.

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