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By Erin Reilly and Katherine Koretski

QU Responds to DACA with"Dreamer" Discussion Nov. 13

In recent days, President Trump has rescinded DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This policy protects immigrants who came to the country illegally as minors, known as “Dreamers,” from being deported. A sixth month period has been put in place to “wind-down” the program. A discussion facilitated by Stefan Keller from Connecticut Students for a Dream, will take place at Quinnipiac University on Monday, Nov. 13 at noon. Reactions and stories from the QU community will be published this week.


Hamden Election

Latest on Hamden elections

Hamden residents took to the polls to vote in council elections on Tuesday. The primaries were held in the third and fifth districts. The second district was also scheduled to have a primary, but candidate Christopher Vega dropped out, forcing this primary to be canceled. Two newcomers to the Democratic party swept the ballot for seats on the Legislative Council, according to the New Haven Register. Justin Farmer and Athena Gary won the primary for the Democratic party. A notable candidate in the election is Quinnipiac professor Melissa Kaplan, who is running for the board of education. For more information on the elections, follow us on Facebook and on Twitter at @HQPress.


Hurricane Irma

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Floridians are bracing for impact as Hurricane Irma plows through the Sunshine State. The storm made landfall in Florida on Sunday morning, as a category 4. Later in the day the storm had weakened to a category 2. As of Monday morning, Irma has transitioned into a tropical storm. Irma is effecting the Quinnipiac community as well. “It would have been the biggest one to hit south Florida...but it changed course,” Florida native and Quinnipiac senior, Nicole Kessler, explained. We will have more information and reactions as the week progresses.

Dorah LabatteQuinnipiac, Hamden