Quinnipiac SGA releases 2019-20 election results

By Owen Meech

Quinnipiac undergraduates made their voices heard Wednesday April, 10 as they selected the next group of leaders in the Student Government Association (SGA) elections.

Austin Calvo, President Elect and Luke Ahearn, Class of 2020 Senator

Austin Calvo, President Elect and Luke Ahearn, Class of 2020 Senator

After a tight race, Austin Calvo was the biggest winner of the night, beating out Luke Ahearn to become the new SGA president. Calvo ran on a platform of transparency and advocacy, and vows to represent all students. 

“I am prepared to fight for you and give you the Quinnipiac that you deserve,” Calvo said, addressing his constituents in his first interview as President Elect with Q30. “We deserve a Quinnipiac where we feel our experience and our opportunities reflect the price tag.”

Over 3000 students casted their votes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday on Quinnipiac’s Do You QU system. Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing, Victoria Johnson, sent out a press release via email to share the election results with the Quinnipiac community just after 10:30 p.m.

“Student Government would like to thank all who participated in the election and encourages all students to find what they enjoy being involved in on campus during their time at Quinnipiac,” the statement read.

Making up the rest of the SGA executive board will be Vice President Elect Sophia Marshall, Vice President for Finance Elect Glenn Adams, Vice President for Student Experience Elect Esau Green, Vice President for Public Relations Elect Jamien Jean-Baptise, and Chief Justice Elect Lille Gaeta.

Quinnipiac students such as Ambar Mercedes, junior advertising major, say they are hopeful and eager to see what changes are brought about by the new group of elected leaders.

“I think a lot the leaders who the student body chose are going to really be able to represent us as students,” Mercedes said. 

Other notable victories include Julia Suesser, Class of 2020 President, Meghan McNulty, Class of 2021 President, and Alec Williams, Class of 2022 President.

Below are the full results of the 2019 Student Government Elections:

 2019-2020 Student Government Association Executive Board

President: Austin Calvo

Vice President: Sophia Marshall

Vice President for Finance: Glenn Adams

Vice President for Student Experience: Esau Greene

Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations: Jamien Jean-Baptiste


Judicial and Ethics Board

Chief Justice: Lille Gaeta

Justice: Matthew Forcino

Justice: Kyra Angileri

Justice: Mel Lugo


Specialized Representation Senators:

Multicultural and Idenity Senators: Sierra Cornelison and Tina Asfaw

International Student Senator: Mary Dudani

Health, Wellness & Accessibility Senator: Niamh Condon

Liberal Arts Senator: Jeremy Gustafson

Commuter Student Senator: Joshua Gorero

Student Athelete Senator: Natalie Alechko

Student Veteran Senator: Kathleen Lekko

Academic At-Large Senator: Paige Osborn


Class of 2020 Cabinet:

President: Julia Suesser

Vice President: Kelly Reynolds

Class Senator: Luke Ahearn

Class Senator: Julia Schade

Class Senator: Andy Stafa

Class Senator: Olivia Weardon

Class Senator: Vacant

Class Senator: Vacant


Class of 2021 Cabinet:

President: Meghan McNulty

Vice President: Max Mallinen

Class Senator: Olamide Gbotosho

Class Senator: Briana Wyman

Class Senator: Kaye Paddyfote

Class Senator: Evan Maione

Class Senator: Katrina Manzari

Class Senator: Victoria Fater


Class of 2022 Cabinet:

President: Alec Williams

Vice President: Drake Marchese

Class Senator: Rebecca Perez

Class Senator: Eric Kerr

Class Senator: Nick Ciampanelli

Class Senator: Alyssa Baker

Class Senator: Sheariah Stevens

Class Senator: Ja’Vielle “Jave” Foy