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Giant Pizza Run

Nothing says "running up and down a mountain" like pizza.

This Saturday, the Northern Westchester run group, Sunday Runs, is hosting a trail run up Sleeping Giant State Park. The run will be up to 10 miles across the trails along the Sleeping Giant mountain range. After the run is completed, the group plans on heading to Frank Pepe Pizza in New Haven for a post-exercise meal.

"Just to be clear, there will be no actual giant pizzas involved," Sunday Runs said in a statement. "Nor any giants. There will be running, though, and pizza."

The run begins at 9 a.m. Saturday morning, with the group and anyone interested meeting by the public entrance of Sleeping Giant State Park.

"This is the first time we've run at Sleeping Giant State Park, and the first pizza-themed run," added Sunday Runs. "Typically, the group will break into different pace groups naturally, and not all runners will want to run the full distance."

For more information, or to contact Sunday Runs, visit their Facebook page.