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SQUID Program Now Accepting Applications

The SQUID(Students at Quinnipiac University Integrating Difference) certificate program will be accepting applications until Wednesday, April 18th. The application is open to all majors, and can be found at the following link:

Sociology professor Lauren Sardi is the coordinator of SQUID. She said that the program was created to “bring attention to and celebrate the academic study of social diversity in its various forms.”

In order to qualify for the program, a student needs to have a B- or better from at least 3 selected CAS courses, with one being outside the student’s own major. Also, the applicant must write a reflective essay on matter of diversity in those classes. This year’s SQUID recipients will be invited to the CAS Awards Dinner in the first week of May.

As for a reason why a student would want to join the program, Sardi said it's valuable to have knowledge outside of one’s own sphere.

“Learning about the diversity amongst individuals not only leads to a more well-rounded education, but it also affords students the opportunity to demonstrate to employers that they have taken learning about issues of diversity seriously and can add valuable contributions to their future employer and the society at large,” she said.