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Hamden to clear residents' debris

By Andrew Weiss

The town of Hamden announced this week that it will assist residents with debris pickup after several storms hit the area during March.

Hamden's public works department will be spearheading a “brush and tree limb pickup” on April 2 in order to help residents in the area clear their driveways and curbs. The department specified that it will only be clearing brush and tree limbs, and will not handle tree stumps or tree trunks.

"Hamden could really use this extra-service, as many of our neighborhoods were impacted by the multiple extreme weather events we’ve endured this March,” said Hamden Mayor Curt Balzano Leng in a statement. “This collection service will be conducted during normal working hours and will incur no additional expenses outside of regular operations."

The statement stressed that residents must have their debris out on the curb in neat piles by April 2, as the service will not be a regular occurrence but a one-time offer.

"Our house is set back off in a more woodsy area. With every storm, we've had trees and branches blocking our driveway," said Zach Leichter, a Quinnipiac junior. "I've also seen a lot of trees that have fallen in the woods. Currently we (have) two trees down that are still blocking part of our driveway. We do not have the power to move them."

The area was slammed by multiple winter storms in march, leaving several inches of snow along with downed trees and branches.